Friday, September 19, 2008

Artists donating to the Art-O-Rama

We've got the following fabulous artists promising work for the silent auction:

Paul Hickman, Debbie Golden, Lois Lovejoy, Margaret Parker, Anne Kirvan, Barbara Goodsitt, Barbara Brown, Judy Spike, Joan Plohr, Marge Pacer, Corinne Vivian, Jim and Angie George, Annette Baron, & Carol Morris.

And still more:
Michelle Hegyi, Christy Kelly Bengten, Marsi & Bill Parker Darwin, Adrienne Kaplan, Kate Tremel, Norma Penchasky Glasser, Jon Wilson, IB Remson, Royce Disbrow

Even more!
Ava Gilzow, Victoria Schon, Esther Kirschenbaum, Laurie Wechter, Tammy Bourque, Dorothy Eshelman, Janet Gallup, Karen Gallup

This list will be updated as more artists sign up. It's promising to be a fantastic opportunity to acquire work by your favorite local artist while supporting Barack Obama and Joe Biden's campaign.

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